My First Google Payment

Last week, when I logged-in to my Google account to setup a new AdSense script for my site, I was surprised to read a message in the overview page that my “payments is being onhold” and I was asked to register a payment method in order to get paid.  Caught in disbelief, I checked how much did I earn.   Then I was surprised to see $2.30 as payments being on hold.  Unbelievable to me!   I followed a link that led me to choose a payment method.  Luckily, Sweden is one of those listed countries they support Electronic Fund Transfer so I didn’t have to sign-up for payment by check and then wait a couple of days before it gets into my hands.

After I registered my bank account, a message told me that they were going to do a test deposit, which means they would deposit a small amount and I had to check my bank account within 4-10 days so that I could verify afterwards if I got it or not.  I could barely wait ten days so I checked my bank account after four days.  And presto! I got the Google Adsense Payment of 7,16 sek.  I was sooo glad I forgot to verify the amount.  But when I woke up the next day, I remembered the message and rushed to my computer station and performed the necessary action.

It was just a small amount but the joy of earning it is unbelievably surprising.  I started putting up Google Adsense two years ago.  But the intention was not to earn but to add some contents to my site.  Besides, I did not put up those 700+ pixel wide banners so how could I expect a payment. I remember how I usually click some Google ads that interest me when I am visiting some sites, and the value it generates to the site’s owner. So now I know it’s not impossible to earn from Google Adsense.  It’s a good compensation for computer nerds who can spend sitting in front of the computer the whole day, like me 😀

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  1. hello my, muntik na tayo maging magkatukayo…heehehe..kaya we should be blogmates…hehehhe

    lab ko ang theme mo…parang avocado…lol

    tenkyu for the dalaw ha…will link yah!

  2. Thanks chuva, link din kita. Hehe, nagsawa na nga ako sa kulay na ito. Will change it soon.

  3. hi. just thought that I should leave a message. hehe
    I was just browsing then nakita ko comment mo sa Mybloglog at Pinay ang isa sa mga tags so nacurious ako. ang galing nyo naman hindi kayo nauubusan ng topics. hehehe

  4. Hi,
    Congrats on your earning with adsense. How to earn more? Just optimize yr traffic and you could see how your earning to be double or even triple.

    Overall you have a great blog. Keep it up.


  5. Hi Let,
    Thanks for dropping by. Daya mo ha walang url mo. Still, i can’t post everyday, nauubusan pa rin ako ng topic. I’m just new to blogging.

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