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Got tagged by the hilarious Chuva Nosebleed and motion seconded by the gregarious Diwata.  The tag’s rule is to state in handwriting the top three things I’m addicted to.  This is interesting because through this meme I’ve got the chance to introduce my hubby’s latest creation.  My handwriting is actually installed in my computer so I don’t need to grab the cam and shoot it.

Last month, hubby asked me to write something on a piece of paper.  He said that what I should write should contain all the letters in the alphabet.  So I jotted down the keyboard’s familiar letter-finger-placement-practice the quick brown fox jumps over…….  After tediously polishing every letters, he generated it through a software program into fonts.  He named the new font “Leimar Handwriting”.  The text in my header is actually my handwriting, too.

Anyway, here’s my reply to this tag:

my handwriting

Now, I’m passing this tag to Shyrah, Myrts, Jenlyn

6 Replies to “A Handwritten Post – Tag”

  1. nice handwritten,Marlene and im addicted to those things,too 🙂

    lots of blogs are have akismet that put my comments into spam,i dunno why… 🙂

    have a nice day,

  2. O, di ba, Chuva…. ibebenta ko yan, hehe!

    ghee, i think bloggers are addicted to those 😀

    Ano na naman yun, diwata. Baka puro tag na lang laman ng blog ko nito, haha!

    Haha, Ria, we’re not the only addicts!

  3. wow ganda naman ng fonts nya…
    pareho ata tayo ng addiction… pc, internet, wp 😀

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