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Got tagged by Eds a few days ago.  Thanks, sis, for this interesting tag.   Just got a hard time recalling those songs that really meant something to me.  But I remembered some while I was on the bus the other day.

Saranggola ni Pepe(Pepe’s Kite).  I was in the 2nd grade when my teacher pushed me to join the school choir  and we would sing this song.  She might have discovered I could sing, and how, I had no idea.  But little did she know that I could only sing in the bathroom. 😀

Sealed With A Kiss.  I always remember my father and how he played this song in a guitar.  He could play it with a plucking style beautifully.  I tried to learn it myself but I just couldn’t play it the way he did.  It’s that song that I play everytime I tune my guitar, but not completely.

Somewhere In My Past. This song reminds me of my favorite actress who died young.  Julie Vega, remember her?  She was my ultimate favorite artist in my teen days.  She was a good actress and could have been a good singer, too.  This song was her first step to singing career.  It was revived by a male artist recently.

If Only.  Leah Salonga performed this song beautifully.  Yes, if only I could tell how much I love my crush when I was in High School.  Ahahayy! But I just couldn’t.  Tameme heart ko kasi.  But that was my high school love … or infatuation?

Only You My Friend.  This song really got me straight to the heart.  I have dedicated this song to my best friend, Nona, who, until now is still my best friend in the world.  I don’t remember the whole lyrics of the song but here’s the refrain, “Nothing else is greater than the friendship that we have, you mean everything to me.  I can never forget, that I’ll love you till the end, I’ll remember you my whole life through.”  Nice, di ba?  Somebody named Laurel or Iwi Laurel performed this song.  I haven’t heard any revival yet.

Elska Mig (Love Me).  It’s a Swedish Song I fell in love with, the first time I heard it.  Some part of the song says, “My only wish now and here, love me for what I am.”  And that’s what my hubby feels for me and what I feel for him.  Loving him for what he is and loving me for what I am.  The fact that we are of different races and cultures.

I am not tagging anyone, but if you find this tag interesting, feel free to snag it but just let me know, please.  I’m gonna make a list of who snags this tag.  Thank you! 

4 Replies to “Songs Of My Life – Tag”

  1. Thanks for doing the tag sis! ang cute pati ung fave song mo nung grade 2 know mo pa ha! heheh, thanks sis!

  2. Oh my gulay! alam mo ba fave ko rin yung Only you my friend. Hanap nga me ng lyrics dati pa pero wla akong makita.

  3. Thanks din, sis Eds. Pero di ko maalala ang buong song na yun, hehe!

    Ahayy, ganun Amor! Kainis nga eh, nawala yung songbook ko na gawa ko nung high school ba.

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