Thank You For These Awards

It took me several weeks to figure out who my recipient would be.  After a thorough analysis of this matter, with the help of Inspector Barnaby and Sgt. Troy of Midsommer Murders, I came up with the following names…

Thank you so much, Rickavieves and Amor for this Friendly Award.  You are as friendly as I am, my dearies!

Friend Award

I would like to pass this award to Malen, the nosebleeding Chuvaness. Your blog reflects your friendliness, and because of this, you are my sole recipient of this award. Kasi yung ibang friendly people na dapat sana recipient ko rin eh, nakareceive na ng award na ito. Ang hina ko kasi mamasa, kaya…

Thank you, again, Rickavieves for this Creative Blogger Award.

Creative Blogger Award

And this award goes to Femikey who has a passion for arts.

Thank you, PrettyLifeOnline for this True Blue Award.

True Blue Award

I’m passing this award to Myrtle.  Hope you’ll update your blog soon.

3 Replies to “Thank You For These Awards”

  1. tukayo salamat sa awardtsina mo. hehehe. happy new year jan senyo! Mwaaaah! andami ko ng award sayo. salamat jud ha. appreciate ko talaga. gagawa na nga a ko ng cabinet para sa lahat ng yan. hehehhe

  2. Jessie, hinihintay ko na lang yung Academy Award from Hollywood, hehe…

    Sus, chuvaness, huwag mo i-cabinet mga awards mo, i-display mo sa living room lahat, haha…

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