Three Things Tag

Got tagged by Eds asking me to tell about the three things I can’t live without. 

Abstract things… things that can’t be seen but felt by the heart.

1.  Love – to love and be loved is the sweetest thing one can ever experience.
2.  Trust – one key to success in any relationship, be it on family or
     on friendship.
3.  Respect – it’s the essence of harmony in peace.

Concrete things… things that can be seen and felt by the hands 😆

1. Money – i don’t need much, but it’s a necessity in this crazy world.
2. Computer – my day would not be complete without it.
3. Mobile – i’m a mobile phone enthusiast, but not a sms fanatic. I just can’t
    leave home without it.

Now, I would like to pass this tag to bojoy, my newfound blogger from Davao. Clapss!

8 Replies to “Three Things Tag”

  1. cell phone and computer are important in our lives…. are things that makes and changed our lives better…… girl, I have something for you in my blog please visit if you get some time.

  2. hello dropping by for a quick visit? how u been? tc always and enjoy the rest of your week:)

  3. Ria, Prettylife, and Amor, those things (mobile and comp) are becoming a necessity now na yata, hehe!

    Franxbudi, thanks for dropping by. I’m good, just a bit busy with my school task.

    Thanks, Rosemarie and Irel for dropping by. I will visit your blogs kapag christmas vacation na.

  4. tukayo, laugh trip yung assignment mo jan sa gilid. haha. I might do that. andami kong tags na nalilimutan. hahahahha

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