Two Things About Me Meme

Sweet and charming Femikey tagged me with this “two things about me” meme.  Tag and meme? Same, same.
Here it goes.

Two things I…
1. (names) go by – Marlene, Mylene
2. like to do – read and watch films
3. want in a relationship – love and trust
4. badly need right now – vacation and rest
5. did last night – finished my school assignment and checked my mails
6. ate today – rice and chicken adobo
7. am doing tomorrow – meeting at school and meet my Friday class

8. Two favorite days of the week – Friday and Saturday
9. Two favorite holidays – Christmas and New Year
10. Two favorite beverages – cola and mango juice
11. Two things about me that you may not have known – stubborn and kind
12. Two movies I would watch over and over – Erin Broccovich and Pay It
13. Two places I have lived – Davao and Davao
14. Two of my favorite foods – adobo and caldereta
15. Two places I would rather be right now – just at home and in my bed
16. Two persons I last spoke to – my friend and my hubby

I’m kinda late doing this tag and it seemed to be circulating around so I don’t know who haven’t been tagged yet with this. Feel free to snag!

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