Spring Break Diri

I don’t know if I can call it spring break or winter break, but in Swedish it’s Sportlov.  There’s no school for one week and there are some who are taking a trip to the mountains where there’s snow so they can go skiing.

Me, however, just stay at home and try to make the most of my time doing the things I should do.  I haven’t finished reading my crime novel by Mandolin so maybe I can take some time reading it.  Gossh, I will do a lot of cleaning, too.  Now, i feel there are a lot things to be done.  My paperworks for my University study.  Tidying up my table and a lot more.  Plus blogging, blogging and blogging.  I think I should grab some opps now that I have enough time.

I will meet my friends pala.  We’re going out and as usual, eat in a restaurant and talk, talk and talk.  That’s all I can come up now and maybe I could think of something worthwhile later.  Anyway, it’s only Tuesday and yikes, Valentine’s day is getting close.  Me and Leif haven’t planned of going out yet, but we always do on Valentine’s Day.  Hmmm…

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