I Was Super Duper Busy

Whoaa! It’s been quite a while since my last post here.  How I realize now that it’s hard to maintain a website or rather websites since I have two right now, not to mention our parked domains.  What’s up with me?  Oh, geezz, let me tell you about the situation that I’ve just survived for the past months.  Aside from being married and having a teaching job for almost three years now, I’ve started studying, too at the Gothenburg University since January.  This is a completion study for my education degree in order to become a fully qualified teacher here in Sweden.  I’ll tell more about this later, because now I’m glad I’ve passed the first term.  This will be a long study so I’ve prepared myself for that.  Think about life – work, study and being married.  I have never been a working student in all my life in Davao.  It’s a tough life, I should say.   But no matter how busy my life has been and will be, on top of it all, I call it luck.

And now it’s summer and I love it!  What do you think Leif and me busying in the summertime?  Well, how about a kick-off for barbecue.  The weather has been good to us since the month of May, but not as of this writing 🙁  Yet, we still barbecue if it doesn’t rain.

Barbecue sa balkon (june 3)

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