Still On A Holiday

It’s so nice to be back at home. No more morning rush for the breakfast. I always miss our apartment-home when we are out travelling. It’s the place where I can do whatever I like or just laze around in front of the computer. It’s the place where I can get up as late as 12 noon, hahaa!

Yes, we’re still on a holiday but in the comfort of our home. Leif is sick of flu after a long drive in the rain. He’s coughing bad and he wants Tuseran Forte. Where in heavens can we buy that medicine here. He doesn’t like Neozep and Medicol that my sister sent me before. But hope he gets better with Treo. The medicine that’s like Alka Seltzer, patunawon sa sa tubig ba.

The weather hasn’t been good since we left for Berlin and until we came back. It’s gray and a bit rainy but it feels warm. Hopefully next week will be hot again, according to the newspaper. Let’s see. The weather is sometimes unpredictable. Nothing much we can do today, I’m afraid. Leif has been doing a sketch of the map of Davao and there’s a lot more to do with it. And I blog till the wee hours of the morning.

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