A Day In The City

I am making the most of my summer vacation for only few days left before I start working again.  The week has been planned to sort out and organize my stock of papers in my little room but my computer is always getting in the way.  However, I felt like going out for a while and I’m glad that my close buddy, Wendy, was available and hasn’t started working yet.  She is the only one I can call whenever I want to go out and stroll in the city or something.  Yesterday was another day for us to join the city crowd and another friend, Elsa, whom I haven’t seen for long was with us, too.  I forgot it was the yearly Kultur Kalas (Culture Party) in Gothenburg city, otherwise, I would not go out in the full-crowded city.  As usual, we went to our favorite Thai restaurant and sat and talked endlessly.  After the very satisfying lunch, we went around and inside Domkyrkan (The Cathedral).  We thought of walking along the Avenue (Avenyn) but it started to drizzle so we went to malls instead.  We all got tired so we sat in a café in Nordstan and had cold refreshments.  We headed home when we noticed that it was only 30 min left before the stores in the malls would close.  It was such a wonderful day.

Stora Hamnkanalen, Gothenburg City

The Domkyrkan

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