The Gang Is Not Complete

We’re supposed to meet once a month but since we started working, we find it hard to meet with our scheduled meeting which is supposed to be every last Saturday of the month. My friends and me are in different lines of work so we don’t meet everyday for that matter. Although we studied Child Care and Leisure Time (Barn-o fritids) together, only two of us are presently working in that field. During our time at school, we became close and agreed to meet till we finished school.

Yesterday’s monthly meeting was not complete cos some had important errands to attend to. As usual, we sat at a restaurant and talked non-stop. It was only our second meeting for this year, we realized we had not seen each other for quite some time. So we decided to renew our agreement to meet every last Saturday of the month.

My funny friend. She’s from Indonesia.


She can’t stand still, lol!

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