Visiting Donso Island

I should have posted this yesterday but I was so tired, I don’t why. Leif has started working and he was also tired. We both went to bed at 9:30pm and that’s quite early for us. Anyway, we went to Donsö island the other day, together with Leif’s mother, his brother and his brother’s wife. They have lived in that island for 9 years so it was kind of interesting for them to see the place again after 34 years. Donso (with two dots over the last o, just writing o here to make sure it’s visible in your browser) is an island and a population centre in the southern archipelago of Gothenburg. It takes 30-35 minutes on a ferry from Saltholmen to Donso.

Leif did not spend much time in the island in his younger years for he moved out and started to live in his own. So the one who welcomed us and their former neighbors did not recognize him as much as they recognize his younger brother, Sune. The house they lived in is still there, but it seems not well-taken care of. We had fun walking around the little place and they had fun reminiscing what it was like then and now.

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