A Busy September Month

I haven’t posted for the month of September on this site. Geez, I was so busy lately that I didn’t bother to think about writing something here. Well, it’s always like this in the month of September when we finalize our teaching schedule and meeting our students on the first day. It was a stressful beginning. But I can’t complain much, it’s my job.

But now that everything seems to be working well, I can only wish more time for blogging. Oh, I almost forgot that my University study has started more than a week ago so not much time left to blog. I will start my practicum soon, too and now I’m a bit worried about how to juggle between work and study. But it’s ok, everything will be just fine, I hope.

Anyhow, our weekend had been quiet and relaxing. Leif and I went out yesterday for a short driving practice. I haven’t practicing to drive since we came back from Berlin so I have to refresh some driving lesson with him. It went good, but I still need to develop my awareness skill or reaction or whatever it is called in English, hahaha!

I always reserve Sundays for rest and preparation for the next day’s work. Preparing my books and planning for a lesson to teach are a good start of the week. Now I have to carry a heavy load of books to photocopy tomorrow. But as I said, it’s just in the beginning. So much for that…

I’ve just had my dinner and guess what I ate. Chicken liver! I actually IM’ed Jerico to ask Mama how to cook it since I don’t have a hand in cooking, silly me. I missed adobong atay ng manok so I gave it a try. But I think I like what we have in the Philippines. I don’t know, something’s made me feel squeamish when I ate it. Yucks! Probably my cooking, lol!

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