It’s Cold Out There

Geez whiz, I haven’t updated this site of mine for the past weeks.  I actually had autumn break last week, but I wasn’t totally free from work.  I had seminars for four days and the only free day was on Friday.  Duh!  The visit to the City Museum was quite insightful but I have visited that same museum for a couple of times already.  It was kind of boring sometimes listening to the speakers.  I’d rather work than attending a seminar, hehee!

One thing that’s changing rapidly now is the weather.  It was frost this morning when I went out and I could see the ground white.   It’s getting colder and colder, brrr!  But it’s ok, soon it will be Christmas break so we’ll have 5 or 6 weeks to go.  Leif and I just stay at home in the weekend cos we’re both lazy to go out.  I guess we’re exhausted from the week’s work.  Except when we need to go to the grocery then we’ll be forced to go out.  Also when I meet my friends on a Saturday.

I’m not so busy this time and I’m having less work to do.  I guess I need to feel like this sometimes, hahaa!  Or all the time…

2 Replies to “It’s Cold Out There”

  1. Mhy,

    Yan ang hirap ng may multiple sites fren. Ako man di rin makapag-update pag may lectures o research assignments ako. 🙁

    By the way, di ko ma-access yung dot com mo.

  2. Jess,

    Naku, sinabi mo pa. Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit gusto ko ng maraming sites kahit na alam kong kulang ako sa oras, hahaa!

    Ganun ba. Naiinis na nga ako’t minsan pagbukas ko eh, yung APACHE ba yun ang problema. Kelangan na nga siguro naming i-contact ang web host namin. Medyo matagal na rin itong nagloloko, pero pag-ni-refresh ko naman ay naaayos din. Thanks for telling, fren.

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