Complete At Last!

It was our monthly date again last Saturday and just a day after my birthday so it was kind of special. I remember it was on my birthday when I invited them to a restaurant a few years ago when we were studying Barn och Fritids. And from that time on, our friendship has grown into some kind of sisterhood. I feel lucky to have friends like them cos it’s like we all have something in common. Our intention is to go out and talk about everything and sometimes shopping. Sometimes we plan for our trip which we did once when we travelled by boat to Fredrikshamn in Denmark.

We were all glad to see our long, lost Thai friend last Saturday. She hasn’t been with us for a long time. I was even happier when I got a SMS greeting from her. I couldn’t believe she could still remember my birthday. It feels like she joined with us last time for it was my birthday. I hope or we hope she can come to our monthly dinner now.


2 Replies to “Complete At Last!”

  1. Mhy,

    Nagbday ka pala fren. You should have told me and I should have sent you money through Paypal. 🙂

    I hope you had a great time fren. 🙂

  2. Hah! Sana na-inform kita sa birthday ko. Sayang naman, dagdag pa sana yung pera mo sa pagblow-out ko dito. Sa susunod sisiguraduhin ko na. 😀

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