Weekend Foods And Films

If only I could extend the days of the weekend, I would do it without hesitation. But the power in me is not enough to even transform a rice into cake. Weekend’s almost over and tomorrow starts another week of work. I just hope it will not be darn minus cold again like last Friday. I was freezing my face to numb while I walked from school to the bus stop. And before I got to the place, I decided to call hubby Leif to pick me up or I’d be freezing to death.

The weekend is absolutely my favorite days of the week. The little time for musing is all just about films and the foods for dinner. From Friday night’s Space Cowboys to Saturday’s Forrest Gump made our weekend complete. Thanks to the DVD collections we have, we can watch good films over and over. Yesterday, I did my chicken leg again and this time with an instant sweet and sour sauce. Better than nothing. Tonight was hubby’s turn to prepare our dinner. He’s good at steaking beef and baking potatoes. I forgot to prepare the salad, lol! This weekend is normally quiet until the children got out this morning to play with the snow. It snowed just a little and has now melted after a short rain.

As for this site, I might be posting midi and midi lyrics and create a page for my midi collection. I miss it in my homepage, I used to have it in my old Lemback Home before I migrated to WordPress. Oh, I’ve just added the pics in Paris in my Album (Public) page. My laziness kept me from doing it these past few days, hehee!

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