What A Dry Winter!

Where’s the snow? It has been frosting on the ground every morning but there’s no snow in sight. Is this just another dry winter just like we had the year before? I guess it will be so. But the temperature is decreasing, like yesterday, we had -11°C.  It was so darn cold.  Leif turned on the oven when we were dining cos we started feeling uncomfortable with the cold.  It’s supposed to be snowing this time of the year.  Lucky those living in the north, they probably had a white Christmas, too.  But it’s so unreasonable to drive up north just to see the snow.

Anyway,  hubby Leif and I are enjoying today’s holiday of the The Three Wise Men.  I’ve been sleeping too late at nights and getting up in the middle of the day.  This has been giving me a shorter day to do some house chores.  Huhoo!  I must start sleeping early so I can get back the proper diurnal rhythm before school starts again.  It’s always hard for me to do this after a long vacation or school break.  But I’m trying my best.

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