Happy Valentine’s Day

Hubby Leif and I didn’t do something special this Valentine but a dinner with Thai wok and Satay.  The first time we didn’t go out on Valentine’s Day cos it’s a Saturday and the restaurants were already fully-booked two days ago. Everybody wants to go out on a weekend especially on this occasion.  I was preparing our dining table while he was out to get the orders from the nearby Thai kitchen.  I wasn’t done decorating the table with candles and all when he arrived.  The moment the food were on the table, he sat and was ready to eat while I was about to get those candle sticks.  Then I said I’d better forget about the candles, otherwise the food would turn cold.  That was rush preparation.

wok beef
Beef Wok with vegetables

We had Satay, too, but the peanut sauce wasn’t good enough to go with it. After dinner, hubby made the instant Leche Flan but it was a little bit “palpak” cos it turned out too soft that’s almost ready as a drink. Better luck next time, maybe. That was it! Our heart’s day as a couple. May you have a wonderful Valentine celebration!

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