It’s Darn Too Cold Today

Brrr! When I checked the thermometer this morning, it showed -6°C.  Geezz, thanked I needed not go out too early as I usually do because our meeting would start at 10.00am.  When hubby drove me to the bus stop, I was freezing and almost standing still while waiting for the bus.  Achk!  I remember it’s February already and it’s usually the coldest month here.  Whoaa!  I hate when I’m freezing.  Although I was wearing clothes in 2 layers, the cold still stuck through.  If it’s this cold again tomorrow, I would wear 3 or 4 layers of clothes and use my quilted jacket.  It was incredibly cold and made long for spring and summer.  I wish I could just stay at home and warm myself with a cup of coffee or tea.  But I couldn’t quit my work that’s giving me bucks every month, hehee!  Hooo!  This is just another winter to go through.

Hubby and I came home quite early today so we had time to watch TV.  I wanted to watch The Closer but I couldn’t find TV8, I don’t know if this is a cable channel as we don’t have those paid channels unfortunately.  So we watched Law and Order instead.  My second time to watch this series.  Hubby’s kind of allergic to commercials and went to his PC when commercials would start.  He’s not used to watching TV cos we watch DVD films most of our free time.  But I have my TV series that I watch on weekdays so he was forced to sit with and watch with me, hahaa!  Got to go to bed early cos I have work tomorrow.  Until then, have a nice week ahead!

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  1. Mao jud Shy. Maayo pa kung mag-snow kay dili pa tugnaw kaayo, hehee! Pero naa man daw moabutay, tan-awon nato unsa kadaghan. 🙂

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