It’s Finally Winter Break

This is something I look forward to after weeks of working.  Waking up in the morning when it’s cold and dark is always a burden to me.  And this break is long anticipated, I must say.  Although I have paperworks to turn in, I know I will be having more rests in the whole week.

Considering the weather, this weekend is a bit warmer than usual.  But I don’t have the moods to go out.  It’s always like this, when hubby and I stay at home, the weather would be clear and good.  But when we should be out working, the weather turns freezing cold again.  It’s the moment I wish I could just stay inside.

I haven’t thought of something to do in this break.  My friends have different line of works so they’re working even on winter break.  I’m just glad I’m a teacher who enjoys vacation many times a year when schools are close for this matter, hehee.  I’m sure I could find something to work on, perhaps modify the theme of my other site.  I’ve already changed the theme for Davaozone and I’m happy with the outcome.

I’ve chatted with my nieces in Davao through Yahoo Messenger today.  They’re becoming addicted to internet.  This means I need to save so I can buy them a computer.  It will be easier if they have their own.   I think they just update their Friendster profile regularly.  I’d want them to learn to blog instead so to train their writing skills, but this will come when they get their own PC hopefully.

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