My Instant Kids

Yikes!  It has been more than two weeks since my last entry here.  My reason for not writing was that I got bored with my previous theme, which happens normally to me.  When I feel that my theme started to look dull, I lost my enthusiasm to post anything.  Instead, I go on browsing the net for new themes.  It took a while before I found this theme.  I like the design, it’s almost the theme I’ve been wanting to have for this site.  The other reason for my long absence here was that I was suffering from a slight headache for days.  It kept me  from blogging.

Anyhow,  I started feeling better just the day before I would meet my friends again for our monthly gathering.  We made it, though we were only four this time.  But we had small company of kids whom I adore a lot.  And it’s always fun when kids are around.

Me and the Kids
Me and my instant kids!
S and N
Pinay and Indonesian
T and M
Mother and her child

We did not go to our usual Asian restaurant this time but to a Danish resto called Boff Hus. We had no rice and Asian dish. This restaurant is kind of popular because of it’s specialty which I don’t think appetizing enough to attract guests. But the people just came and willing to wait for their turn on the table. It’s not a good place for us who like to stay and chit-chat longer. But it was fine, we would always find somewhere to sit with our hot or cold drinks.

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