Spring Hasn’t Come Yet

I was stunned when I saw from where I was sitting snow pouring down.  It was a bit warmer these past few days, about 5 degrees so I didn’t expect it would snow this month.  I always think that spring comes in March and signs start to pop-up everywhere like flowers.  The reason why I was unaware about it would snow today was that I didn’t check on the newspaper this morning.  It actually said it would when I checked the newspaper by the time I arrived home.

snow 031209
It’s snowing today!

Those are my students running to catch the bus. After our class this afternoon, the snow hadn’t stopped yet. It was about a quarter to three and I was on the way to my last pass.

Still snowing!

I usually have a long on Thursdays, this means I start at 8.30am and ends at 4.50pm. It was still snowing after my late afternoon class and when I was walking on the ground on the way home, the snow had grown thick. I could hear the squeaking sound of my steps on the snow.

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