It Must Be Migraine

I was suffering from headache again last weekend and it went on for three days. I wanted to go out with hubby Leif to practice drive but I gave up cos I was afraid the headache would get worse. We were just resting the whole weekend doing nothing but lie in bed till late afternoon. I took a medicine that’s to be dilluted in the water but it didn’t help. The next day I took Ipren and it didn’t help either. Later on the third day, the headache’s gone. Not until yesterday again that it came back and attacked me. But it wasn’t too bad. I could bear it without taking any medicine. In the middle of the day today, I got my mens. I’m beginning to suspect that I have this so called menstrual migraine. I’ve done a few readings about it and it say’s it occurs before the onset of menstruation.

Another thing I “normally” suffer during menstruation is dysmenorrhea or menstrual pain. I was already at my traffic school when I felt I had my mens and I’m glad the pain didn’t start yet, otherwise, I had to cancel my driving lesson. I didn’t take medicine cos I was afraid it would affect my driving. Then when I was on my way to the school for my last pass, I felt the pain gradually started. It was terrible, I couldn’t concentrate with my lesson. I took medicine before I went home. Huhooo! Why do women have this kind of monthly sickness…

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  1. I commiserate with you and all the women your age for the monthly predicament you’re in. There are answers to your query “why do women have this kind of monthly sickness?” May I invite you to visit my site and search for MIGRAINE or MENSTRUAL PAIN.

    Perhaps you’d also like to consider the precautions or warning on the use of “Ipren” on the site herein:

    Hope you’re up and going right now. Pls enjoy your day. God bless.

  2. Hi JessQ, thanks for dropping by my site. I’d be more than willing to visit your site and perhaps learn from your posts on menstrual pain.

    I feel better now. I normally suffer MP on the first day only. 🙂

  3. Lene, thanks for visiting my blog. Am sorry, there’s no post regarding “Ipren” has been included in my blog yet. You can find some info on it at the site I gave you above. However, you can search for “migraine” and/or “menstrual pain” in my site.

  4. Oh, silly me! Yes, i’ve checked that site already, it’s informative. I will find those topic on your blog. Thanks for telling me again.

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