Warm Saturday With Friends

It’s the last Saturday of the month and as usual, my friends and I met at the city centre. It’s a warm Saturday I thought it most people would be in the beach making it not so crowded in Nordstan. But I was wrong cos the people loved to sit outside the café with some refreshing drinks. We did a little shopping before we went to the restaurant. This time we decided to eat lunch at Sunwall Restaurant and had a buffét of Chinese dish. Then we headed to a café but we didn’t sit outside cos it felt that the heat of the sun was sticking in our skin. It was nice to have mango fruit mix, although the mango wasn’t like the mango in the Philippines. After a short while, we handed the gift to the May celebrant. It was kind of late for a gift cos her birthday was on the second week of May, but she couldn’t make it to our April meeting so she got her gift today instead.


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