Cleaning-up On Summer Solstice

I have no pictures of the summer solstice this time because I’m quite tired to take some. I normally observe how long the day is on this day of the year. The weather is fine today, warm and the sky is clear. Everybody has the reason to be happy this day except me. I did an intensive cleaning-up today. I moved a bookshelf to our little room so that I will have my things, like books and everything that has something to do with my job, be in one room. Hubby has got pile of papers, too, everywhere. It was really a mess and I’m not done yet. But I’m doing it one day at a time or I will not be enjoying this summer. This is the disadvantage of living in a strange country and not having relatives whom I can call for help with house chores.

Speaking of summer solstice, it’s said that the day is longer on this day. In fact, the longest day of the year. It’s opposite is winter solstice which I also observe between 21st and 22nd of December. It’s not really easy to notice both of this solstices because in summer the day is always long while in winter the day is always short here. Maybe if you’re in Asia you will notice the day is longer today than normal. And if you did, then it’s summer solstice.

2 Replies to “Cleaning-up On Summer Solstice”

  1. Hello hello musta na? bag-o na pod imo layout…? mura man gud nabag-ho-an ko pag-ari nako karon….

    Bitaw oj sugod na sad ta count going to dark na pod…wala pa gani niabot ang summer unya nag-sugod nasad ngit ngit…maayo pa ka nang-limpyo dire sa amo-a na ambot lang lisod oy pag-naay bata na bali sige kog pamonit…sulod og gawas sa balay mao daghan grass madala ilang mga duwa-an na kapoy manglimpyo pag-naay bata…-:) hehehe!

    Ha en trevligt midsommar….Vi hörs och vi ses vi snart kanske…


  2. Hi Khim, na mao lang ni akong pahulay, magkuri-kuri sa blog. Bitaw naunsa man ni atong summer nga pwerte man kabati. Tamaron sad ko manglimpiyo kung ingon ani panahon ba. Maayo gani ka kay naay mga bata, at least naay rason kung di makalimpiyo, hehehe. Sige ba, kita unya ta puhon.

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