The Week That Was!

Our last week at work was indeed instructive and rewarding. After two days of listening to lively lectures we were rewarded with a lovely conclusion day at the Ullevi. The food was free and absolutely enticing. But the week did not end that day because another activity day was planned the next day. It was quite a strenuous day to choose which game to play. Others played football and volleyball. While others chose to be spectators, like me. Lol! I took a short walk with my other colleagues around the place though. I did play volleyball but it was more for fun. Then I got muscle pains after that little game, hahaa!

A week at work

We had bread and sausage grill to conclude that day. Nobody went swimming because the air was a bit chilly but we’re lucky it didn’t rain. This summer weather is really unpredictable. But the most surprising to me that day was when I followed my Thai colleague for a walk to her home which she said not far from place (Skatås). We just walked and walked and talked a lot about a lot of things, too. We passed by a lake and saw people bathing in a chilly water while others just having a sun bathe. We walked through uphill and downhill slopes and I noticed we had walked some kilometers enough but I didn’t even get tired nor puffed out. To me it was good because it came to me that I still have a good body condition despite not doing any exercise in a long time.

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