Bad Day For My Plants

What a surprise! It was raining and it has been a chilly day today after days of heatwave. The news said that summer might be over since cool days would stay a little longer. As for me, I like these kind of days when it rains sometimes but the chilly air remains when it stops. Like today. I did not need to fill the aircon with water and ice packs to make the living room cool down a bit. Somehow, I felt the weather today was perfect.

And because I didn’t want to go out in the rain, I spent the day with my plants. I’ve planned to change the soil but the bag of soil has been waiting to be opened in the storage room. Finally today, I used almost half of it. I normally change the soil of my plants every summer but I missed it last year cos we were in Davao. That’s why when I did it today, the soil went very hard and dry. It would get soft only when I water it. Luckily, my plants did not wilt, maybe not yet, lol! When I was done changing the soil, I realized the plants need sunlight to perform the process of photosynthesis. Since I cut some roots, the plants were in a vulnerable state and needed energy from the sun to regain life. I was hoping the sun would show up and blow its rays before sunset but it didn’t. It was really a bad day for my plants. I did not think a second before doing this. But I’ll see what the day will bring tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Bad Day For My Plants”

  1. For sure Len mabuhi gyud na,…kanang inyong garden soil diha, kung sa vitamins na, murag Centrum-complete from A-Z,hehehe…dire sa ato, nanobra ang sunrays mao siguro maski asa ra nimo itugsok ang tanom,kadaghanan mabuhi man(labi nag duol sa basurahan),nyaaahhh!…anyway, way hago nang imong garden kay sa paso ra!…unya, pila na kabuok?…hehehe,sigurado ko pareho pod na nimo kacute bah!…haaay Marlene,…cge ko ngisi, gimingaw na gyud nuon ko nimo,…lami ikatawa nga duha ta!…muahhh.

  2. Kataw-anan, pito ka paso ra gyud naa nako diri kay basin mamura nag jungle kung daghanon kaayo, hehee! Bitaw, ang mga gipalit nako nga tanom kay kato ra sad naa sa atoa kay kabalo ko sigurado gyud mabuhi. Kay kung magpalit ko ug wala nako nailhan na, basin isa ra ka adlaw, mamatay na, hah! Lagi gyud, lami kaayo ilupad dinha Non, labi na hunahuna nako hapit na sad ting tugnaw, dangat ani uy! Miss u, muahh!

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