Driving To Karlskrona

I had a long but not exhausting drive today. Hubby insisted I should, so I drove  from home and all the way to Karlskrona, in the southeastern part of Sweden. We headed off at 9:30am and arrived at around 4:00pm, with three stops along the way. I felt more comfortable now driving on a 110 km/h road that sometimes I could go over without noticing it. Hubby was just sitting most of the time, though he would react when I did wrong, sometimes giving me instructions as to where we should be heading. This little vacation we have is somewhat planned for my practice driving too. Anyway, we haven’t been to this part of Sweden, which according to hubby was merely a military base before. He did his military service in this small town when he was in school. He had not visited here after that, until today. And he was surprised to see how the town has improved since then.

Karlskrona summer 2010
Karlskrona, Sweden

There’s not much to see here but a place by the sea is somewhat exotic. We booked a room at Scandic Hotel near the harbour for yachts and small ferries. It was nice to feel the chilly breeze of the sea met with the warmth of the sun and gust of wind. It’s perfect for an exquisite dinner. I better get going. Tomorrow awaits another day of seeing around the town.

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  1. Bilis mo nang magdrive ha!…well, i think Leif is right, it’s good for you to drive long distance and that means you already had your driver’s license?…i’m so happy for you then(another achievement!), and im sure with Leif beside you , “you can go no wrong”,…and you look so sexy ha!…no need to belly dance! you’re so slim pa!…me, i already had layers of “bilbil”, hahaha…just enjoy Len,before work starts again…both of you looks great!…give my regards to Leif n take care w/ eachother…missing you!…muaahhh.

  2. Non, wala pa gyud ko license, naa gihapon practice driving sign sa likod sa car kung ako magdrive. Hopefully makakuha nako before start sa klase. Hahaa, bisan gamay ug lawas mogawas man gihapon ang bilbil, saun nalang. Miss u, too. Hugsss!

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