Hot And Chilly!

It was steaming hot yesterday despite the news about storm and lightning. Outside seemed to be dreary and the sun was nowhere to be traced. I thought it would feel cooler than normal but the heat steamed up to the max. I complain about how cold it is the winter yet when it’s summer I complain how hot it is. Hubby said that 22°C would be moderate and the perfect temperature for summer to him. I couldn’t help but agree with him on this because too much hot could make me exhausted for nothing. I’ll be idle and drowsy most of the time. A little rain could lighten me up anyhow.

open window
open window at 10:45pm

We were watching TV and had coffee when he felt he could not bear the hot weather anymore so he sat very close to our moving air condition. It was funny to look at him that way but there was nothing I could help. He went to the kitchen and maybe he looked outside and when he came back to the living room, he turned off the lights. I wondered why and he said it had rained and the wind started to be gusty. He opened the door to the balcony and then I felt a chill in the air. Cool! He said he needed to turn off the lights so as not to invite insects to get inside. I didn’t get fast why he said it. But when I went to the kitchen, I saw one window opened wide. And that was why he turned off the lights. We have huge window panes that I don’t usually open cos it’s scary to look down. Today is still hot but I wish it would be as yesterday. Hot by day, chilly by night.

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  1. Leif is right,… lights at night attracts more insects,…( kaya wag ka ng kumontra!),..hehehe, for sure yang summer temperature(22+) n’yo, is quiet cold here…Last summer the ranges from 33 to 36 (Cent.), grabe noh?…pwede ka na magprito ng itlog sa garahe sa labas,scramble or sunny-side-up!…hehe,…kaya lucky girlahhh ka talaga dahil d ka nilulluto ng sarili mong bansa!…hehehe… enjoy your summer, it will be over soon!…mwaahhhh.

  2. Non, masyado talaga ang panahon di ko maintindihan. Kapag malamig, reklamo, kapag mainit reklamo din. Hayyy, maypa way panahon siguro, hahaa! Luv yuh! muahh!

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