Dust, Dust Go Away!

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Dust, dust go away and don’t you ever come back again a single day! If I could torture dusts by chanting this line excessively so that they get scared and go away forever I would have done it right now. It’s a bit of a hardwork to vacuum everytime I see it in every corner. I don’t know where the dusts come from when all doors and windows are almost close and there’s not even a gravel road outside. Although I have done a lot of cleaning on my summer break I still see dusts coming every now and then. And I just can’t help but clean or vacuum the place otherwise they’d turn into dense dust bunnies like that in the picture. Disgusting, isn’t it?

I like it better in the winter or fall when the rays of the sun will not be so intense and make those dusts not quite visible. I vacuum once a week but in the summer I do it twice. But what’s interesting about them is that they come on the corner, under the table, on the cabinet or anywhere that’s particularly difficult to vacuum so I must use a piece of rag to wipe the dust off. I guess it’s the main reason why we clean our place cos dusts are living with us and no matter how much we clean they just keep coming anyway.

4 Replies to “Dust, Dust Go Away!”

  1. Hi Mylene.
    Some dust came from our body dead particles.
    The dust will keep coming if we still there. hahahaha….

  2. Abi nako la’y abog diha!… mura gyud mga bunnies Len,hehehe…hay Len, it’s more tiring here, isipin mo na lang ang init dito, mga sasakyan,soil and gravel outside… cleaning is a must here everyday!…i made it as a “routine exercise” na lang to keep me fit, and it helps!…papawisan ka talaga…hahaha, …then by tomorrow, expect another load of dusts!….nyahhhh!…luvs yahhh!…how’s your work schedule anyway?….muahhh!

  3. Katingalaan gyud, now we know that abog is everywhere. Good routine exercise, Non. I make sure to vacuum talaga once a week kay bisan ug winter na tugnaw man unta, abugon man gihapon, hahaa! Sus, as in, busy fixing my schedule, until now la pa nahuman kay ang uban schools wa pa pud klaro sa ilahang sked. Take care and luv you…muahh!

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