Hooked On Digiscrapping

I must say this has been my new hobby since I learned the word and discovered how to. When I told my hubby that I would be doing digital scrapbooking to post on this blog, he said it wouldn’t be difficult to create such a thing cos it’s just photos with blings-blings. Lol! He’s darn right. I like the way he defines digiscrapping. Anyhow, scrapbooking is not new to me cos I used to do it when I was in school. I remember my fifth-grade teacher asked us to hand-in a scrapbook for “verbs”. That wasn’t a tough homework cos all we had to do then was to cut pictures from a magazine or newspaper and do a scrapbook out of those pictures. The only different with the scrapbooking I am fascinated to now is that it’s done digital, thus digital scrapbooking or digiscrapping. When I was at a bookstore once, I saw a scrapbooking kit for sale but I wasn’t interested to do the manual scrapbooking. The cut and paste and photo printing would be some kind of a tedious job. While in digital, everything I need will be in one place – the computer. All I need is a digital scrapbooking kit which I believe there is vast of resources online.

I’ve found a digiscrapping site where I can download stuff like templates, embellishment and more for free. I have not decided to purchase a digiscrapping program cos I want to create my own first. I want to blow up my brains and see how creative I am in this. Do I sound seriously hooked?

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  1. Picture with bling-bling? Hahahaha…
    Your husband really a funny guy. Can you share with us what is the digiscrapping site?

  2. Hehee, he always makes me laugh. Oh, I forgot to highlight the link in my post. Now it’s highlighted so you can head on that site now.

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