I Heard Something At 5AM

I intended to sleep early last night so that I could get up as early as possible. Can you believe I have been sleeping a lot that I’m afraid I would be having a hard time to switch my routine back to normal when I start working again. And speaking of which, I will be on the job again in a week. Argh! Though I think I’m not getting enough sleep at all because hubby Leif and I are watching tv and it’s keeping us glued on our seat for hours and before we know it, it’s already so late at night. Ok, too early in the morning must be the right words.

Last night was supposed to be a record-breaker but I made a sudden leap when I heard a sound that seemed to come from under the bed. It sounded like a rat rustling with a plastic bag or something. I would be astonished to see rats now, considering that I have not seen any since I arrived here. Then it was hard to fall back into sleep. I glanced on the alarm clock and it just past 5:00 am. I sighed and tried to get more sleep while hubby seemed not bothered by the sound. I asked him if he made that rustling sound but he said he didn’t and didn’t hear anything at all too. And guess what time I woke up. It’s half past 10 am. Duh!

4 Replies to “I Heard Something At 5AM”

  1. Nabititn ako ahhh!…i am more interested as to what those “rustling sound” under your bed!…hehe,…me, i sometimes hear also a “rustling sound”…sa kisame nman!…imposible ring makapasok ang daga doon kc tightly sealed din ang space…cguro mga guniguni ng mga natutulog ng madaling araw…hahaha!pero usahay mahadlok baya ko Len,…luv u nd muahhh p gyud!

  2. Is it ghost mylene?
    At my place I can heard some funny sound so many times.
    Normally, i will just pull up my blanket and go to sleep as fast as I can. Hearing the sound already frightening then seeing one. I don’t want that.

  3. Non, that was the strangest thing I’ve ever heard in my sleep. I wish it was a rat so I could just ignore it, hahaa. Pero kung sa kisame na, na modagan na gyud siguro ko. Luv yah!

  4. I would freak out if it’s a ghost, hahaa! And that’s the best thing to do, hide under your blanket.

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