Mop or Drive?

Hubby is so induced about me getting my driving license this year. If he could only do the test for me he would probably have done it long ago. He has been taking me out almost everyday just to practice driving. And it’s driving me nuts sometimes when I don’t feel like going out. I would thank the rain when it pours cos it would makes us both lazy to go out. I’m just so fed up with practice driving that I make up reasons when he tells me it’s time to drive again.

A few days ago, he asked me to go practice driving again but I was not in my best mood to spend time on the road that day so I told him I’d mop the floor. I had planned to do it but something would always get in the way so until now I haven’t done it yet. Yeah, he destroyed my plan of the day by telling me that “the floor would still be there when we’d back”. My sad face turned to a big grin when I heard what he said. Hah! He won over my mop plan. And yes, the floor was still in place when we came back, lol!

Back to driving, I had a scary experience past Saturday because it was raining hard. It started to rain just when I drove out of the parking lot. That was the first time I drove in a heavy downpour. Though I was not nervous or in panic. It was hard to see the road so I told hubby I wouldn’t not drive on the free way. Thank heavens, it went good and safe.

6 Replies to “Mop or Drive?”

  1. You scared me with your learn to drive experience. Hehehehe….
    In my mind, learn driving suppose to be fun. I might learn driving at the end of this year, if I have time.

  2. Hahaha, kala mo lusot ka ha!…may pa-mopmop ka pang alibi!…murag lami man kaau diha drayban Len,… kinis dalan, walay traffic…strict lang gyud cguro kaayo ang standard sa driving,…tama c Leif oi, “practice makes perfect”,… cge lang, kanang imong mga “scary experiences”, were also a learning process basta amping lang pirme,…it’s all for your own good nman, mas magiging magaan na “to and fro” sa imong work,…kaya konting tiyaga pa,…makukuha mo rin ‘yan!…love u so much!…

  3. No, it’s not that scary to drive. In fact, I enjoy driving now than when I started to learn. It’s normal to be scared in the beginning though.

  4. Mao! Sa inner town wala kaayo traffic, Non, pero sa city ug sa highways makakurat sad ang traffic pero moving hinuon, unya kinahanglan paspas dagan labi na gyud sa highways. Maayo lagi unta uy, kay need gyud kaayo nako license. Keep my fingers crossed sa next test. Miss u and luv u, muahh!

  5. Hahahaha… I had been postponed my driving lesson because of scared though. But next year I heard they will be expensive charges if you want to get a license. I need to get my license this year.

  6. You should try not to postpone this time cos that’s what happened to me. I postponed many times until the price gets higher and higher. Poor me!

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