My First Digiscrap Template

I have finally created my first digiscrapping template out of a layout from freedigitalscrapbooking. I found out that the site has a monthly challenge to create a digiscrap out of a given layout and a winner or winners will be published each month. But I don’t have the guts to join the challenge for the time being so I will just observe and stalk the site for more ideas. I was looking for a template for my next digiscrap and I’m glad I found a layout, which I have not thought about, that I could follow. A finished template is all-laid out one while a layout can blow your mind off to make it complete as a template. And here’s what I came out with.

I made my nieces as models since I don’t have my own kids. Geez, I discovered I could do my own template with my photo editor and graphics software. I did not know about this before. I basically use what I’ve downloaded from the site, like the papers, background and embellishments. But this time I did it all with what I have in my software. I just need more time to really explore it. I was overjoyed last night when I learned how to do the curves in the circle, hahaa! I could make my own paper, too.

digiscrap layout
the layout

12 Replies to “My First Digiscrap Template”

  1. That look nice Mylene.
    I don’t have any Idea on how to use that free digitalscarp template.
    Maybe I am not an art person like you.

  2. I’m not really artistic, too. I can’t even draw a hand but thanks to digital scrapping, I just download stuff from the web.

  3. lge te no … natingala cla jeny og vinia asa dw cla ana na pic hhehe

  4. That easy? Its not totally come from your idea?
    I wish i can download that digiscrap. My Internet still very slow.

  5. I like more the result, than the process in doing it!hehe,…wala pod ko idea…oi Len ka mga dagku napod diay no? ang ako lang nailhan c esha daughter ni Inday,….asa diha ang kay Jen og Maye?,…they really are cute and pretty, cgurado,mga bantayanan pod sa mga suitors,hehehe…muahhh!

  6. Non, naunsa man bitaw sa among mga pamangkin kay daghan man girls. Mga bantayanan gyud kaayo. Kang JenJen ra nang duha ka dagko. Ang isa mura jud si Angel Locsin pero ang kaapan lang kay bugason, hehee! Luv u!

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