Time to Wear Layers of Clothings

Brrr! The foggy ambiance past weekend reminded me that it’s time to wear layers of clothings again. My expectation didn’t fail me cos I was freezing when I stood waiting for the bus yesterday. It’s going to be a cold week for us, according to the newspaper. Although I learned to prepare for cold seasons, I still complain about it. It’s because no matter how thick your clothes and jackets could be, the cold would still penetrate and make you shake, hahaa! Strangely, it hasn’t been raining, which I think it’s good because the rain would make it even colder.

The days are getting short, too. Soon I will be going out in the dark again at 8:00 AM. And come home dark already at 5:00 PM. This is probably the least I like on fall and winter. It’s depressing, really but it’s the nature of those seasons. Anyhow, it’s the reason to look forward to spring and summer, too. And guess what, I’m looking forward to them now, hehee! This reminds me of one of my colleagues who lifted his glass of beer and cheered for the next summer when we had our educational trip past August. Now, I can do the same with my apple cider. Until then, I have to wear layers of clothings to keep me warm.

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  1. According to Mario, it’s really true that no matter how thick your clothing is, colds still creeps through your bones “daw”, ngeeee, di ko nga matake ‘yan,…dire na lang ko Pinas, hehehe, permanente init,… aircon is a choice, watch out lang sa electric bills,…hahaaa(masakit din sa bulsa!),….ingat ha, lalo’t palaging madilim na dy’an,…may snow na ba?…hugs and muahhh.

  2. @Non, tinuod gyud as in! Pero ginasiguro nako dili matugnawan akong liug kay kung magstart gani sa liug, murag tugnaw na tibuok lawas, hehee!…luvss!

    @Paul, hehee, kayang-kaya ko ang lamig diyan kasi di naman bumababa sa 10 degrees temp di ba.

    @Zezebel, you’re lucky. I so miss that kind of climate.

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