Holiday Saturday

Hubby Leif ran out of time to buy fish for dinner yesterday. When he came home, he said he could not buy even today since it’s a holiday. I was wondering what the holiday was for and I thought it must be for All Saints’ Day. I know that they’re having Alla helgons dag (All Saints’ Day) on the 2nd Saturday of November but I don’t remember it has been a holiday or a red day on the calendar.  And they normally raise the flag on a holiday.

swedish flag

At the breakfast table this morning, we saw through the window that the flag in the yard had been raised. Then I realized it really was a holiday. Hubby and I missed our morning paper at the breakfast table. We had nothing to read. When hubby reached for old newspapers on the other chair, it was nothing there cos I already placed them in the newspaper box to be disposed of. Nothing we could do but talk and talk. He also recalled that, incidentally, today is also Gustav Adolf’s Day so it was another reason for raising the flag today. Gustav Adolf was the King of Sweden in the 1600’s and founder of the Swedish empire; it’s not a holiday though. It was a mere coincidence that All Saints’ Day here fell on this day, which dates vary from year to year otherwise.

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