Updating Web Album

I finally got the needed time to update this site. My intention is to rebuild and update the web album that’s been neglected for months. I didn’t like the flash album maker I had used in my old albums because it diminished the quality of the pictures when converted to flash. I found another program a few months ago and this one’s much better than the one I had. I started rebuilding our old albums and so far, the result is satisfactory.

I’ve also changed the theme for this site cos, well, that’s me, can’t stick to one theme forever. This theme looks good, anyhow. I didn’t modify the colors, maybe do it later. I still have a few days left before I go back to work again though I’m glad I have a school break like this, thanks to my job as a teacher. I will be spending the rest of the time rebuilding the albums, if hubby will not push me to drive and drive more. He’s been dragging me to go out and drive since I got my driving licence. But if I were to choose, I’d stay home on my entire break and work on my computer or update my blogs. Let’s see…

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