Out With Friends

A friend of mine and I planned to go to Liseberg today. Hubby Leif had nothing to do so he went with us. My friend brought another friend, too. It was the first time that hubby Leif and I went together to Liseberg. Since it’s an amusement park it’s quite ideal for a family with kids to visit the park. But we don’t have kids to we visiting the park is always an option. Since we both got an entrance card from our job this year we’ve planned to go but only this time we got the chance.

It wasn’t so cool being there since we both were not interested to take the scary rides. I just watched and took pictures and played some roulette. My friends didn’t take any ride, too. One of them wanted to but the queue was long and the waiting time went from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Hubby Leif got thirsty so he went to Gothia Towers bar. I followed a little later after grabbing a bite to eat at Burger King with my friends. I left my friends and went to join hubby Leif at Gothia Towers and we had shrimp sandwich. From there we went back to where we parked the car but only to find a parking fee receipt for 400 sek. Ack! We made a mistake. We thought that my parking permit would be ok since it’s a school parking lot. But it turned out the school had another company taking care of their parking lot. Lesson learned.

We came home tired and we both slept early and up again late at night. Whoaa!

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