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The Truth About Me

| 28 October 2007 | 11 Comments

I have been tagged by DiwatangByaning.  It’s about telling seven facts about you.  Pero kahit na seven lang ang ilalahad ay fourteen ang inilahad ni Diwata…haha!  Wala yata akong ganun karami kaya seven lang i-tell ko dito. Quiet Yes, i’m quiet pero mapanganib! Sentimental Madaling umiyak.  Kahit na hindi naman heavy drama yung movie, naiiyak rin. Diligent Siguro, […]

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My First Google Payment

| 24 October 2007 | 6 Comments

Last week, when I logged-in to my Google account to setup a new AdSense script for my site, I was surprised to read a message in the overview page that my “payments is being onhold” and I was asked to register a payment method in order to get paid.  Caught in disbelief, I checked how […]

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My First Award

| 21 October 2007 | 4 Comments

I am honored to receive this award from Eds. Thank you so much!  This is one of the series of awards launched by Christy Z of Writers’ Reviews. Now I would like to pass this award to:  Amor and Diwata

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