Am Loving PPP

Blogging has become part of my daily routine now.  Call me crazy but I just can’t end the day without sitting in front of my computer blogging, bloghopping and blogreading.  It keeps me awake especially in these gloomy, cold autumn days.  I used to lie down and hide under my quilt when coming home from work.  But those lazy-me-days are gone.

I’ve been blogging for six months now and the best thing with it is that I meet a lot of invisible people, nice and friendly most of them.  I learned about different things by reading their blogs.  In other words, I am being informed of things beyond my interest.

One thing I’ve noticed from other blogs is this PPP logo that is just enticing to click and to find out.  One blog which I frequently visit posted about how this PPP works on her blog.  My curiosity led me to sign-up and that was two weeks ago. Yesterday was my lucky day, receiving email from PPP that my blog has been approved.  This means that I can now grab some opportunities to post on my blog and probably earn from it.

Never did I know that blogs can be beneficial to bloggers as well.  Aside from gaining contacts in the blogosphere, here’s an opportunity to get paid, too.  I am just one in a million who grabbed this opps, and am lovin’ it.

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  1. kabayan, you’re right about your post… i also posted a reply to your comment in my blog. keep rocking and happy blogging!

  2. Is PPP stands for Payperpost? If it is …. I’ve heard some news telling that Google has pulling down pagerank on blogs who’s running PPP. those who had a pagerank 3 before, after caught running ppp brought back to pagerank 0.

  3. Yes, Rhyan, I’ve read about it, too just a couple of days after I signed up. But i hope Google will think twice coz there are really lots of bloggers complaining about it. What if they wouldn’t support adsense too. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. O nga, diwata, hehehe! Ok, ok, i’ll email u…

    Chuva, ba’t naman na-reject? Apply ka uli, daliiii!!!

    Indeed, Fauzan. Thanks for the visit.

  5. marlene/mhy,

    pls visit my lates post sa What Have You blog ko about this… hindi ko pa ganong nare-research kasi kung ano ang implications nito… at any rate, u have a good PR already. a lot of advertisers will get u to review products for them…

  6. yup PPP is great, already post 3 article for them.
    If u like PPP, u shud join
    Similar program 🙂

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