Awards From The Fairy

Thank you so much Diwata for these two wonderful awards!

I’m passing this Got A Friend In You award to Myrtle

Beautiful and Sexy

Talaga?  But here’s the real beautiful and sexy girl!

davao 2007

Meet little Kresha with her Tita My!

I’m passing this award to Switzphils

7 Replies to “Awards From The Fairy”

  1. I like this thanks giving and award givings, grab one more award if someone is giving it away and that “most intelligent blogger award”

  2. You have a pretty neat blog, love it! Thanks for visiting my page:) Merry Christmas to u and God Bless!

  3. mhy, congrats sa awards… nag-speech ka ba during the acceptance. hehehe? merry xmas kaibigan…. sana magkaron ka pa ng madaming pera nang sa ganon eh pag nagkita tayo, ambunan mo naman ko. 🙂 take care always…

  4. Sure, I’ll grab it if you award it to me, Shanker, 🙂

    Thanks, Ging2x. My pleasure, visiting your site.

    Baby face yung little girl, Chuva, hehe! Thanks.

    Hayyy, Jessie, di na ako nag-speech dahil di naka-roll out ang red carpet, hehe. Ingat din…

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