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Do We Play Golf?

| 25 July 2012

No, we don’t play golf but we do love to be in the golf course especially there we can eat lunch. Lol! Hubby Leif did a bank transanctions today and it took more than an hour that really made me so hungry. Luckily, we were in the vicinity of the golf course we went to […]

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Busy Harbour

| 25 June 2012

Not quite a stunning photo but it supposed to show how busy the harbour was when the ferry docked one early morning. It was loaded with trucks, cars and people coming from one port to this port. It’s not easy to take a pic in broad daylight because because the photos turns out to be […]

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Airport Scene

| 19 May 2012

It’s definitely hard to take a photograph of people walking on the streets or down the hallway. It comes out blurry even when they are just walking slowly. But there must be some techniques to teach us how to do it. We’re constantly learning.

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