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I’ve been tagged again by this fairy in the civilized woods, Diwatangbyaning.  She didn’t know actually if it’s a tag or award as I could see slash and question mark while mentioning those words 😀  What is this really?

Anyway, here’s the rule:  To list blogs that I admire and what’s on those blogs that keep me coming back for more.  Then pass this tag/award? to fellow bloggers.  Okey, now I am passing this to the following blogs I like…

I admire the way she designs her virtual home. I stumbled on her site a few years back, that was before we both learned about WordPress. She has created her own WordPress theme recently for her site and blog. And I envy her for that, haha!

Her blog is as friendly as she is! Her blog is like a halo-halo special, with stuffs from scrapbooking to mommy-ing 🙂

I like the stuff on her blog. The way she writes, sooooo British 😉 Her blog is as attractive as she is, really. And Ria is cool!

Her blog is an expression of herself. Sometimes she’s spontaneous, sometimes she’s a poet. I like her writings.

Her blog’s content varies from drama to comedy. If you want to laugh more, just visit her blog, because even if it’s drama you’ll still laugh 😆

Last but not the least, Diwata. Do I need to mention why?

Of course, I visit those blogs I haven’t mentioned, too.  In fact, I’m spending most of the time bloghopping that writing my post 🙂

7 Replies to “Blogs I Like – Meme”

  1. LOL! Blaady hell! Write sooo British??? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?? 😛 Thanks Marlene x

  2. hi sis! just read your post! I am really flattered and very happy that you admire my blog! THANK u THANK u So MUCH! sarap ng blog ko noh heheh halo-halo special tlga! thanks again! have a nice day! 🙂

  3. You’re welcome, Chuvaness…

    You’re welcome, Amor, hehehe! Malakas ka kasi sa kin 🙂

    Siyempre positive, Ria. You know, I like British english better that American kasi. I’ve been trying to speak British eng., too hehe!

    Ahaha! Eds, so true, miss na miss ko na kasi halo-halo kaya punta ako lagi sa blog mo.

    Huhu! Diwata, tagal ko nga na-comply ito noh.

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