Glued On YouTube

I had planned to do a lot of things today but that didn’t work well. We read about the concert of Bruce Springsteen in a newspaper and how it became the greatest in the history of Northern Europe. It was also here in our city. Hubby knew some of his songs of many years ago and he’s curious to know other songs of him. He checked on YouTube and there we saw some of Bruce Springsteen’s music videos. I was tempted to sit with him so we both glued watching music videos on the site until late in the afternoon. It happened at random from Bruce to Elton John to The Queen (Freddie Mercury) to Abba. Funny, we learned today that Vanilla Ice’s Ice, Ice Baby’s intro was taken from Fred Mercury’s Under Pressure song. The moment I heard the song I though it was Ice, Ice Baby. Hahaa!

We had dinner just in time. Hubby made steaked beef with fries and I did the salad. End of day doing nothing, really.

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