The Worst Is Almost Over

I’m still adjusting to my new class schedule and meeting with the new group. The worst is almost over when all my classes have finally been organized. Now I am preparing for a test questionare intended for those students who will test their knowledge of the Filipino language in college level. Actually, it’s “gymnasiet” or “gymnasienivå” but I don’t know how to translate this in English.  The age of the students in this level is from 16-20.  After this level, they can enrol in the Universities for further studies.  Anyway, I’m almost done with the questionare so I’m a bit free.

It’s a good start of the week despite of a storm last night.  Leif and I saw it was blowing hard yesterday afternoon, but we didn’t know it led to a storm.  I’ve just read about it in the newspaper.  Another thing that made this day a good start of the week was that hubby Leif did what I told him to do, hahaa!  Stuffs like throwing the non-biodegradable basura and calling the toll post about the medicine Eric sent to us.  I’m glad he didn’t forget his errands, lol!  But I understand that sometimes he could not do what’s supposed to be done due to his tight schedule, too.  And it’s good to be helping each other with the household chores.  I’m looking forward to having a good week ahead.

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