Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I had a whole bunch of things to do yesterday that I couldn’t send greetings to my friends on Friendster. Besides, I always get up late when I’m free from work.  But guess what I’d been busy about. I prepared the traditional Filipino dishes for our Christmas Eve dinner.  I’ve been engrossed in doing Crispy Pata these past few days that I couldn’t wait till hubby and I found the Pata (pig’s hind leg) we needed.  It’s not easy to find this sort of legs because normally it’s lightly salted (rimmad).  Then I thought of doing Pansit to make it more Filipino and good thing, I still have those Lumpia in the freezer that I made a month ago, lol!

Christmas Eve Dinner
Crispy Pata, Pansit and Lumpia

While the Pata was in the oven crying for help (sorry, it needed to be roasted), hubby and I were busy watching Kalle Anka (Donald Duck).  I guess millions of Swedish were doing the same thing, hehee!

Dinner for two!
Dinner for two!

I have left-over so come on over, hahaa!

2 Replies to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Mhy,

    Kakagutom naman mga pics mo fren (as usual). Happy New Year fren. Pwede bang padala mo sa kin yang isang pata? Aabot pa sa January 1 yan. lol!

  2. Hahaa! Ok bang crispy pata ko? Nagta-try lang akong maglutong mag-isa kasi walang mama dito. Express padala kaya. 🙂

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