Merry Christmas!

| 25 December 2008 | 2 Comments

Merry Christmas everyone!

I had a whole bunch of things to do yesterday that I couldn’t send greetings to my friends on Friendster. Besides, I always get up late when I’m free from work.  But guess what I’d been busy about. I prepared the traditional Filipino dishes for our Christmas Eve dinner.  I’ve been engrossed in doing Crispy Pata these past few days that I couldn’t wait till hubby and I found the Pata (pig’s hind leg) we needed.  It’s not easy to find this sort of legs because normally it’s lightly salted (rimmad).  Then I thought of doing Pansit to make it more Filipino and good thing, I still have those Lumpia in the freezer that I made a month ago, lol!

Christmas Eve Dinner
Crispy Pata, Pansit and Lumpia

While the Pata was in the oven crying for help (sorry, it needed to be roasted), hubby and I were busy watching Kalle Anka (Donald Duck).  I guess millions of Swedish were doing the same thing, hehee!

Dinner for two!
Dinner for two!

I have left-over so come on over, hahaa!

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  1. jessie says:


    Kakagutom naman mga pics mo fren (as usual). Happy New Year fren. Pwede bang padala mo sa kin yang isang pata? Aabot pa sa January 1 yan. lol!

  2. Mylene says:

    Hahaa! Ok bang crispy pata ko? Nagta-try lang akong maglutong mag-isa kasi walang mama dito. Express padala kaya. 🙂

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