Julavslutning And Out With Friends

I still have a hard time updating this site of mine so please bear with my late posts. It’s my first week of being free from work so I had time to make it up now. I had my Julavslutning (Christmas Final Day) at Ullevi last Friday. I and my colleagues are lucky this year because we received a little Christmas present from our rector. But we were being saved from a Yuletide lunch that we always have. Instead, we had chicken sandwhich which wasn’t so satisfying. Anyway, it ended earlier so I had time to shop for gifts.

The next day, which was a Saturday, my friends and I had the usual dinner of the month. We couldn’t meet on the last Saturday because we would then be busy for the holidays so we met just in time for Sarah’s birthday. And for the second time we dined in a Malaysian restaurant. Two of our friends did not come due to personal errands so they missed the fun.

The Ullevi Arena in the background

I can’t count how many times we’ve been to this Sports and Concert Arena but we always have our conference and closing days here.

She did it again!

Look what this friend of mine had done this time. Instead of looking at the camera, she was looking somewhere else, hehee! She’s not camera shy, she just didn’t get the photographer’s instruction.

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