Weekend In Copenhagen

We have planned to celebrate my birthday in Copenhagen since it falls on a weekend. And I’m just glad that I feel much better now after suffering from influenza. We could not cancel it otherwise because we have already booked our stay in Radisson Blu Hotel. We drove right after my last pass at work today which was at 4:30pm. The drive from Gothenburg to Copenhagen took more than three hours, non-stop amidst the rain, though not in all places we passed through were raining. Copenhagen is just a neighbor country of Sweden but we haven’t really take a closer look of this city though we always pass through here when we drive to other countries in the south. Once we were in Odense for our first wedding anniversary. We actually planned first to go to London, but a weekend there might not be enough so we drove here instead. Not bad at all.


We arrived at around 8:00pm and we’re both tired and hungry so we went to the hotel’s restaurant and enjoyed the exquisite dinner.

4 Replies to “Weekend In Copenhagen”

  1. Happy birthday Marlene. Glad to know you’re feeling better now. Enjoy your day. Cheers! 🙂

  2. Amor – thanks uli, friend. Buti na nga lang at hindi swine flu, hahaa!

    Jozel – thanks sa greetings! Hapit na inyo big day, hehee!

  3. hilo te gud day tnx te ha sa sponsor daghan jd salamt’;’;’; hapit najud amo kasal te naa unta mo dre noh? hehe regards uncel leif godbleeess

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