Third Visit To Davao

I couldn’t update this site after our vacation because I was running out of free time to do it.  With only two weeks left before I started to work again, I could only manage to update my other site.  I was planning to change the tagline in header but until now I haven’t uploaded it.  My busy schedule from complying tasks involving my job has been getting in the way.  But my timetable will be back to normal again soon, hopefully.

Anyhow, here’s the story behind our third trip to Davao.  You will see the date when in my digiscrap below.  Actually, this is the first time we travelled to Davao again for just a span of two years.  But I hubby Leif and I were surprised to see my nieces and nephews growing up as fast as thunder.  Imagine how changes occurs within two years and before we know it, they’re already adults.  We enjoyed meeting our relatives and old friends.  We also enjoyed going to the malls and to some places we haven’t been before.

The weather wasn’t in our favor all the time and sun seemed to be playing hide and seek with us.  Then I got stomach pain and a little diarrhea.  It didn’t last long, though.  But Leif had the worst.  For the first time in our years of travelling, he got diarrhea which according to him, a traveller’s diarrhea.  Because of this, we skipped going out for some days.  There were still many places we wanted to visit but it was hard to get enough time for it.

We stayed at Casa Leticia this time.  The room was good enough, although we expected better.  We thought it was big, with sala and all since we booked an Executive Suite.  But the suite (room) they had was just an ordinary room.  I won’t elaborate the things we didn’t like there and I don’t think we’ll ever stay there again.  Anyway,  we had fun and we’re glad to see our relatives again.

davao 2009 digiscrap

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