The Grade One Pupil

I should have posted this after my lovely niece graduated from Preschool in March. But I was so busy to think about it. Then I remember a few days ago that my sister sent me pictures of the graduation day. My niece goes to a Chinese school since her father is Filipino-Chinese. Her older brothers go to the same school, too.

My niece

I got an email from my nephew telling me that school starts this week in Davao. And, oh, I remember that this young lady will have her first day in school as a Grade One pupil. I’m definitely sure she will do it with flying colors as she’s one of the honor pupils when she finished Preschool. She has learnt to speak English and Chinese very well during her Preschool years. I’m proud to say that she gets her wit from, hrmm, whoelse, her sweet Tita. Ahehee!

Receiving her diploma

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